Domain Quokka was started in the lounge room of Steven Doig, a freelance website developer and search engine optimisation technician in Perth, Western Australia.

He was frustrated with the big boys like GoDaddy and Crazy Domains’ practices of trying to optimize every transaction you pay with upsells and cross-sells of items you don’t need.

For example, Crazy Domains offers optimised DNS and secure certificates as upsells. Optimised DNS is entirely unnecessary and secure certificates can be installed for free through cPanel web hosting.

GoDaddy website hosting is derided as some of the worst and slowest in the industry.

Steve wanted to offer the basics at a reasonable price, including domain name registration of Australian, British and New Zealand plus global top-level domain names, and Domain Quokka also offers website hosting with LiteSpeed webserver, which is 5 times faster than the average web hosting provided by GoDaddy and Crazy Domains.

Steve has 20 years of experience in technical support and website development and loves solving website and domain problems.

When you sign up to be a Domain Quokka customer through purchasing/transferring a domain name or website hosting, you receive Steve’s prompt and capable customer service and support skills.